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Testing Tips and Samples: BBS1   

The First Live BBS1 Test by a Pure GU Student
Jamie Harding was the first Gracie University student to open a Gracie Garage in the UK. 18 months later, he became the first person to score a 100 on the Gracie Combatives blue belt test. And now he has become the first pure Gracie University student (meaning he trained exclusively at his home with dedicated partners, and he had no formal training at a school) to travel to Gracie Academy Headquarters to take the Master Cycle Blue Belt Stripe 1 test in person. He did not know Rener would be his bad guy for the live Fight Simulation Sparring Drill. 

In the time since his BBS1 test, Jamie has completed the Gracie Academy Instructor Certification Program and has opened a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Training Center in London. To learn more about Jamie Harding and his Certified Training Center, visit: 


A Beautiful BBS1 Test from Canada
Anthony Gauvin is a dedicated Gracie University student who trains exclusively out of a Gracie Garage in Canada. He passed the BBS1 test on January 4, 2014, and we have included his six BBS1 test videos below so that you can see the level of technical precision, conviction, and reflexes we expect from a BBS1 test candidate. We were particularly impressed with his Fight Simulation Sparring Drill because of the fact that his sparring partner did a great job of keeping it real with constant pressure. One of the few things that Anthony received deductions for was failing to stand up in base on multiple occasions! Learn from his mistake and get up in base EVERY time!

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