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Students & Schools   
Need a training partner? Use this section to search the Gracie University student database for dedicated practitioners in your community.

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 First NameLast NameRankCTCCityStateCountryContact?Training Partner?
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Rank : Red Belt, 10th Degree

  Carlos Gracie † Rio De Janeiro Brazilnono
  Helio Gracie † Rio De Janeiro Brazilnono

Rank : Red Belt, 9th Degree

  Rorion Gracie Gracie University (Headquarters) TorranceCAUnited Statesnono
  Relson Gracie Honolulu  nono
  Pedro Valente Sr. † Miami BeachFLUnited Statesnono

Rank : Red/Black Belt, 8th Degree

  Rickson Gracie Rio De Janeiro Brazilnono
  Pedro Sauer SterlingVAUnited Statesnono

Rank : Red/Black Belt, 7th Degree

  rolker gracie Rio De Janeiro Brazilyesno
  Royler Gracie San Diego  nono

Rank : Black Belt, 6th Degree

  Royce Gracie Palos Verdes Peninsula  nono

Rank : Black Belt, 5th Degree

  Ryron Gracie Gracie University (Headquarters) TorranceCAUnited Statesyesno
  Stephen Maxwell TorranceCAUnited Statesnono
  Pedro Valente Miami BeachFLUnited Statesyesno

Rank : Black Belt, 4th Degree

  Eddie Camden Tiger Academy RoswellGAUnited Statesyesno
  Frank Cucci Linxx Academy Virginia BeachVAUnited Statesnono
  Jeff Curran Crystal LakeILUnited Statesyesno
  Ryron and Rener Gracie TorranceCAUnited Statesnoyes
  James Kelly CincinnatiOHUnited Statesnono
  Gui Valente Miami BeachFLUnited Statesyesno

Rank : Black Belt, 3rd Degree

  Tarik Dean TallahasseeFLUnited Statesyesyes
  Patrick Hardy KountzeTXUnited Statesyesno
  Guido Jenniges Gracie University (Headquarters) TorranceCAUnited Statesyesyes
  Adam Kayoom Q23 Academy Bangkok Thailandyesyes
  David Krstic Templestowe Australiayesno
  Jeremy Lajoie Long Beach United Statesyesno
  Allan Manganello Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Louisville LouisvilleKYUnited Statesyesno
  Laurent Maury   Francenono
  Adam Miller HampshireILUnited Statesyesno
  Chet Schemahorn LaGrange Jiu-Jitsu Academy FremontINUnited Statesyesyes
  Joaquim Valente Miami BeachFLUnited Statesyesno
  Javier Vazquez OntarioCAUnited Statesyesyes

Rank : Black Belt, 2nd Degree

  Jordan Collins Gracie University (Headquarters) CarsonCAUnited Statesyesyes
  Jackson Fortunato HoustonTXUnited Statesyesyes
  Sixto Lopez DavenportFLUnited Statesyesyes
  Luiz E Rosa HoustonTXUnited Statesyesno
  Marc Saurette Vancouver Canadanono
  Mark Stefanac WilloughbyOHUnited Statesyesno
  Alexander Stuart Gracie University (Headquarters) TorranceCAUnited Statesnono
  Todd Tanaka Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Team HK HonoluluHIUnited Statesyesyes
  Alejandro Tena Sebastián Madrid Spainyesyes

Rank : Black Belt, 1st Degree

  Jakub Borkowski   Polandnono
  Abram Bottles LigonierINUnited Statesnono
  James Carey London United Kingdomnono
  Van Allen Cordeiro HawiHIUnited Statesnono
  Jay Crain Lake CharlesLAUnited Statesyesno
  Carlos Diaz Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Destin Miramar BeachFLUnited Statesyesno
  Mike Everett Gracie University (Headquarters) TorranceCAUnited Statesyesno
  Chris Goldsbrough Guernsey Guernsey and Alderneyyesyes
  Joe Gray RichmondVAUnited Statesyesyes
  Billy Graziadei Gracie University (Headquarters) El SegundoCAUnited Statesyesyes
  Brandon Holmes DavenportIAUnited Statesyesyes
  Jarrod Kwity Gracie University (Headquarters) TorranceCAUnited Statesnono
  Jim Lawson BurbankCAUnited Statesyesyes
  scott lissy Gracie University (Headquarters) TorranceCAUnited Statesyesyes
  Jory Malone BentonARUnited Statesyesno
  Marc Marins North Vancouver Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver Canadayesno
  Sumner Matsunaga Gracie University (Headquarters) Rancho Palos VerdesCAUnited Statesyesno
  Yasufumi Morita Gracie University (Headquarters) Torrance  nono
  Evandro Nunes GlendoraCAUnited Statesnono
  James Robertson North Miami BeachFLUnited Statesnono
  Jose Salas Distrito Federal Mexicoyesyes
  Rodrigo Salas Hermosillo Mexicoyesyes
  James Smart Cape Town South Africayesno
  Scott Turner Linxx Academy Virginia BeachVAUnited Statesnono
  Drew Vogel SeattleWAUnited Statesyesyes
  Ryan Warner HavelockNCUnited Statesyesyes
  Michael Welsh University ParkPAUnited Statesyesno
  Michael Welsh Gracie University (Headquarters) San DiegoCAUnited Statesnono

Rank : Black Belt

  William Rush Missouri City United Statesyesyes
  19sasa99 19sasa99 D-Pils Latviayesyes
  Victor Abdo London United Kingdomnono
  abbas abdul hussein Ottawa Canadayesno
  Steven Abood NaplesFLUnited Statesyesno
  David Abou-Halaka Gracie University (Headquarters) Redondo Beach  nono
  Emanuel Abrantes Lisbon Portugalyesno
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