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Students & Schools   
Need a training partner? Use this section to search the Gracie University student database for dedicated practitioners in your community.

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 First NameLast NameRankCTCCityStateCountryContact?Training Partner?
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Rank : Red Belt, 10th Degree

  Carlos Gracie † Rio De Janeiro Brazilnono
  Helio Gracie † Rio De Janeiro Brazilnono

Rank : Red Belt, 9th Degree

  Rorion Gracie TorranceCAUnited Statesnono
  Relson Gracie Honolulu  nono
  Pedro Valente Sr. Miami BeachFLUnited Statesnono

Rank : Red/Black Belt, 8th Degree

  Rickson Gracie Rio De Janeiro Brazilnono
  Pedro Sauer SterlingVAUnited Statesnono

Rank : Red/Black Belt, 7th Degree

  Royler Gracie San Diego  nono
  rolker gracie Rio De Janeiro Brazilyesno

Rank : Black Belt, 6th Degree

  Royce Gracie Palos Verdes Peninsula  nono

Rank : Black Belt, 5th Degree

  Ryron Gracie Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy (Headquarters) TorranceCAUnited Statesyesno
  Pedro Valente Miami BeachFLUnited Statesyesno

Rank : Black Belt, 4th Degree

  Rener Gracie TorranceCAUnited Statesnoyes
  Gui Valente Miami BeachFLUnited Statesyesno

Rank : Black Belt, 3rd Degree

  Eddie Camden RoswellGAUnited Statesyesno
  Jeremy Lajoie Long Beach United Statesyesno
  Laurent Maury   Francenono
  Javier Vazquez OntarioCAUnited Statesyesyes

Rank : Black Belt, 2nd Degree

  Patrick Hardy KountzeTXUnited Statesyesno
  Sixto Lopez DavenportFLUnited Statesyesyes
  Chet Schemahorn FremontINUnited Statesyesyes
  Todd Tanaka HonoluluHIUnited Statesyesyes
  Alejandro Tena Sebastián Madrid Spainnono

Rank : Black Belt, 1st Degree

  Jordan Collins CarsonCAUnited Statesyesyes
  Joe Gray RichmondVAUnited Statesyesyes
  Guido Jenniges Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy (Headquarters) TorranceCAUnited Statesyesyes
  Jarrod Kwity TorranceCAUnited Statesnono
  Jory Malone BentonARUnited Statesyesno
  James Robertson North Miami BeachFLUnited Statesnono
  Joaquim Valente Miami BeachFLUnited Statesyesno

Rank : Black Belt

  Jarrod Butler Simi ValleyCAUnited Statesnono
  William Rush Missouri City United Statesyesyes
  19sasa99 19sasa99 D-Pils Latviayesyes
  abbas abdul hussein Ottawa Canadayesno
  Emanuel Abrantes Lisbon Portugalyesno
  Sonny Achille PittsburghPAUnited Statesyesno
  WARREN ACKER Rome CityINUnited Statesyesyes
  John Acosta Big Bear Lake Philippinesyesno
  Ryan Adams MesaAZUnited Statesyesno
  Jack Adams Liverpool United Kingdomnono
  Steven Adornato Parkville  nono
  gasg aeffg PapaaloaAKUnited Statesnono
  Mubeen Ahmed Rawalpindi Pakistannoyes
  Chad Ahr AlbanyNYUnited Statesnono
  Arnoby Sinam Alba Alvernia Bucaramanga Colombianono
  Samuel Albright Yucca ValleyCAUnited Statesnono
  Igor Albuquerque Rio De Janeiro Brazilnono
  arthur alencar Rio De Janeiro Brazilnono
  Huzon Alexander LondonderryVTUnited Statesnono
  LUIS ALEXANDRE Fortaleza Brazilnoyes
  JOHN ALEXANDRO London Nw1 United Kingdomyesyes
  Eduardo Alicea San Lorenzo Puerto Ricoyesyes
  Joseph Allen LenexaKSUnited Statesyesno
  David Alonso San DiegoCAUnited Statesnono
  ersin alpaslan Istanbul Turkeyyesyes
  Melvin Alston Jr Philadelphia United Statesnono
  Sean Alvarez Mazatlan Mexicoyesyes
  Jose Alvarez Caracas Venezuelanono
  pedro alvarez HattiesburgMSUnited Statesyesyes
  ricardo alvarez Westbury Brazilnono
  jeremias antonio alves ribeiro Sao Luis Brazilnoyes
  Rodrigo Americo Pereira da Silva Souza Dias Niteroi Brazilyesyes
  Butch Amman PittsburghPAUnited Statesnono
  James Amos Blue SpringsMOUnited Statesyesno
  mike ancheta Los AngelesCAUnited Statesyesyes
  George Andersch FargoNDUnited Statesyesyes
  ron anderson WilliamsburgOHUnited Statesnono
  Stephen Andes Amsterdam Netherlandsnono
  Giuseppe Andolini RidgewoodNYUnited Statesnono
  Carlos Andreucci Santo André São Paul Brazilyesyes
  Paolo Aquino Adelaide Australiayesyes
  Willie Arauz MonroeNCUnited Statesnono
  panayiotis aravis Limassol Cyprusnono
  David Arredondo Bellflower  nono
  matt arroyo TampaFLUnited Statesnono
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