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For Skeptics   
  The following statement was made by Rener Gracie to address the concerns had by some regarding the legitimacy of the Gracie University interactive learning system.  

Gracie University is our attempt to empower as many people as possible with the jiu-jitsu techniques developed by Helio Gracie.   The Grandmaster’s vision was to give the gift of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to the world.  To achieve this vision my father, Rorion, started by teaching as many people as possible in our garage in Southern California.  When he outgrew the garage, he moved to a large commercial location, and recently we moved again to accommodate the ever-increasing popularity of the art.  Even with jiu-jitsu schools in every major city around the globe, the worldwide demand for the Grandmaster’s art is not being met.  Today, we believe the powers of the internet and media technology make this possible.               

In the past, we presented video lessons, computer-based training, and online techniques in an effort to provide supplemental knowledge to people who already trained at a school of martial arts.  All of these venues provided superior instruction in various segments of the curriculum but lacked a feedback mechanism through which we could monitor the student’s progress.  In fact, this lack of a feedback mechanism – the ability to truly interact with a student – has been the major shortcoming of all media-based martial arts instruction to date.   To address this critical requirement for feedback and evaluation, we developed 

The launch of Gracie University has drawn criticism and skepticism from conservative jiu-jitsu practitioners.  We anticipated this reaction as it is normal for humans to resist change – especially when that change takes them out of their comfort zone.  Every major advance in the last twenty years, from calculators to online college courses, has been met with resistance from those who only saw the limitations of these advances.  Over time, each has become an accepted part of our lives, as we have come to recognize the benefits of the new way and embrace it. 

The keys to successful online instruction are clear and simple lessons, high quality production and presentation, logical linkage between lessons, and a mechanism for evaluating student mastery of the techniques.  When my brother and I produced the Gracie Combatives instructional video series, we sought to present the information so effectively that any student, regardless of their age or athletic ability, could master the techniques without ever attending classes at the Gracie Academy.  Accordingly, we created comprehensive lessons that included essential details, most common mistakes, and frequently occurring variations of each technique in the course.  Then, we showed how to combine the techniques through a series of dynamic reflex development drills.  We found that the video lessons and the streaming video format provided four unexpected benefits: 1) it allowed us to present more detail than we could pack into a live class at the Gracie Academy, 2) it enabled us to present all the techniques in the most logical order, 3) it allowed students to access the lessons at any time, and 4) it made it possible for them to learn as fast or as slow as they desire without the pressure of keeping pace with a live class full of other students of various skill levels.  

Beyond teaching all the techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, through Gracie University we also seek to provide our students with the tools for self-discovery and further exploration of the art.  As Helio Gracie proved decades ago, when he modified the traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu techniques to accomodate his frail physique, it’s not the quality of your instructor, the method of instruction, or the name of your school that determines the rate of progress – it’s the student’s commitment to learning that ultimately determines the level of achievement.  We don’t just teach them what to learn, we teach them how to learn so that they can ultimately take responsibility for their progress.

A key component of the Gracie University learning system is the Video Evaluation Process. It is the essential quality control mechanism that is missing from all other digital media-based approaches to jiu-jitsu instruction and what finally enabled us to export the complete curriculum with confidence. Upon completing the Gracie Combatives course, a Gracie Academy instructor will evaluate a student’s digitally recorded test performance for technical accuracy, efficiency, and proper reflexes in the execution of the newly learned techniques. If they pass the test, the student will earn a "Technical Blue Belt," and they will begin working on the next segment of the curriculum. In order to earn an "Offiical Gracie Academy Blue Belt," the student would need to pass a Live Verification Test with a Certified Instructor at the Gracie Academy or at an authorized Certified Training Center.

From blue to purple belt, there are four comprehensive “stripe courses” a student must complete. Upon completing each stripe course, the student will have the opportunity to submit digital videos of their testing performance and if their execution and reflexes meet Gracie Academy standards, they will qualify for the stripe promotion. Once a student earns all four stripes through the Video Evaluation Process, they qualify to request a Live Verification Test for purple consideration. This in-person evaluation will be conducted by me, Ryron or an authorized Gracie Academy Black Belt Instructor. The same live testing process will occur at brown belt once all four stripes are earned on the purple belt. To learn more about the promotion standards and proficiency expectations at each belt level, please visit the Testing Center.

To watch a special video in which Ryron and Rener thoroughly explain the Gracie University Online Belt Testing Process, click here.

I assure you that we have not taken the task of sharing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with the world lightly. We have ruthlessly upheld the Grandmaster’s high standard for jiu-jitsu instruction and technical excellence since the founding of the Academy. In fact, the major criticism of the Academy in the past was that we were too stingy with the instruction, promoted students too slowly, and only recognized our own students as qualified instructors. Ironically, we are now subject to criticism for spreading our knowledge as widely as possible, promoting more students, and certifying more instructors. We would only do this if we were certain that it could be accomplished without compromising the art. No one is more committed to sustaining the Grandmaster’s legacy than the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy. We are equally committed to achieving his vision of bringing jiu-jitsu to the world, and we believe that Gracie University is an important step in that direction.

-Rener Gracie

P.S. If you're still skeptical, watch this

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