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Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) Online Course   

Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) is the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy’s specialized Combatives/Defensive Tactics program for military and law enforcement professionals. While the US Armed Forces and practically every federal law enforcement organization have embraced the program, some state and local agencies have been unable to access the field-tested, life-saving techniques taught in the GST course. So, we decided to make the complete 23-lesson GST course available via online streaming video format through Gracie University to meet this critical training requirement.

Ryron and Rener Gracie Discuss the GST Truths -
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The GST Advantage
An encounter between a military/law enforcement professional and bad guy is vastly different from a street fight or a sport jiu-jitsu match. Yet, some Combatives/Defensive Tactics programs make no distinction. GST is the fastest growing Combatives/Defensive Tactics program in the world because it is the only “jiu-jitsu based” program that is 100% law enforcement applicable that has also been proven in actual combat by US military troops around the globe. We built this highly successful program over the last 17 years on the three “truths:”

  1. The bad guy always has the ambush advantage.
    In a real fight, there is no referee to start or to stop the fight when you are getting assaulted. Only the bad guy knows when and how he will attack. Any time you are close enough to conduct a pat-down, or to exchange documents, you are close enough to be ambushed. In the GST program, we teach simple and effective sudden assault defense strategies that enable you to neutralize the threat and achieve a position of advantage while minimizing injury to yourself and the bad guy.
  2. Never grapple with the bad guy/enemy by choice.
    As a military or law enforcement professional, the public doesn’t pay you to fight fairly. If you enter into a “grappling match” with the bad guy, you put yourself in great danger since the bad guy could take your weapons and use them against you. If, however, the fight goes to the ground against your will, you must know what to do. In the GST program, we teach time-tested escape techniques that can be used to get you off the ground and back to your feet so that you can establish distance and utilize the appropriate force option to neutralize the threat. GST also features a series of leverage-based weapon retention principles you can apply in any grappling scenario to keep your weapons secure until you have the opportunity to disengage from the ground fight. Our philosophy is simple: Learn how to grapple, so you don’t have to.

  3. In a street fight, there is no “tap-out.”
    In sportive jiu-jitsu practice, the tap-out matters; in a fight for your life against an aggressive subject, it doesn’t. For military and law enforcement professionals, we understand that victory isn’t achieved until you neutralize the threat and apprehended the bad guy. In the GST program we have devised a series of simple, yet reliable, handcuffing procedures you can use from virtually every position in the fight, and the techniques are applicable to both solo and partner arrests.

Tactical Gear Tested
We have tested every technique in the Gracie Survival Tactics course in body armor and a duty belt. In fact, we have included the full tactical gear demo for all 23 lessons (67 individual techniques) in the GST online video course.

Reduced Liability
One allegation of excessive force can undermine a law enforcement organization’s authority and jeopardize its relationship with the community they serve. This can also be applicable to a military unit in urban terrain. The GST course relies only on control techniques so there is a reduced chance of harming a bad guy.

Educated “Bad Guys”
MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, and general public’s knowledge on basic fighting strategies and techniques has never been so high. There is a very real risk that a military or law enforcement professional will encounter a bad guy with some form of martial arts training.  We designed the GST program to give any military or law enforcement professional – regardless of age, gender or athletic ability – the skills to: 1) Neutralize the threat, 2) Retain control of their weapons, and 3) Achieve a position of advantage so they can utilize appropriate force.

Remember, while you are reading this, the enemy is training.

The “Living" Curriculum
Since 1993, we have taught the techniques featured in the GST course to tens of thousands of military and law enforcement professionals. This includes all branches of the US Armed Forces (including every Special Operations Forces unit) practically every federal law enforcement organization and hundreds of state, county and local law enforcement agencies. Reports submitted by those who have used the techniques in the line of duty have given us powerful insight regarding the applicability of the techniques. Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) is a living curriculum that we constantly refine to meet the needs of those whose lives depend on it.

The 4-hour GST Training Module
Although the exact amount of training time varies greatly from one law enforcement organization to the next, we have determined that most in-service law enforcement professionals receive no more than 4-8 hours of Defensive Tactics training each year. Many argue that this simply isn’t enough time to prepare an LEO to handle a violent physical encounter with an aggressive subject. We disagree. In fact, we believe that four hours of GST training can mean the difference between life and death. Although the complete GST course features 23 lessons, with over 60 “law enforcement applicable” techniques, we assume that most of the techniques will never reach the end user due to the lack of Defensive Tactics training time because of department policy and/or competing priorities. Accordingly, we developed the “4-hour GST Training Module” to address the four most common threat scenarios and the most important survival principles that every officer must learn to survive a violent physical encounter with a larger, more athletic subject.

GST Online Course vs. GST Hands-On Course
We offer the GST Course in two formats: 1) GST Online Video Course, or 2) GST Hands-On Instructor Certification Course. The techniques are identical, and neither course requires any experience to get started. Listed below are the costs and benefits associated with each learning option, so you can decide which is best for you.

GST Online Video Course - $395

  • Incredible Value: Even though the online GST course features all the same techniques as the live course, including the “Tactical Demo” and the “4-hour GST Training Module,” it costs less than half of what you would pay for the 5-day Hands-On Instructor Certification Course.
  • Immediate Access: After you submit a basic application and we verify your military or law enforcement credentials, we will unlock the GST course in your Gracie University lesson library so you can immediately start training.
  • Plant the Seed: If your organization will not finance your participation in the five-day Hands-On GST Instructor Certification Course, you can use the online course to learn the techniques, share them with your colleagues, and eventually influence the decision makers to support your attendance to the hands-on course. To learn more about how to get GST adopted by your agency, read “9 Strategies on Implementing GST at Your Agency.
  • Lifetime Access: Once you purchase the online course, it’s yours forever. You can log in to your account and review your GST techniques at any time and from any place.
  • Free Updates: GST is a “living curriculum” that we constantly refine to meet the needs of those whose lives depend on it. Each time we modify a GST technique we re-record that video lesson and replace it in your online library so you are always up to date on the most effective techniques.
  • Ask the Gracies: As with all the Gracie University online learning programs, each GST lesson features a forum in which you can ask questions and receive direct feedback from Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy Certified Instructors.

To submit your military/law enforcement credentials and purchase the online GST course, click here.

GST Hands-On Instructor Certification Course - $995

  • The Instructor Certification Course is only offered in a hands-on format.

  • Instructor Certification: Upon successful completion of the 5-day Hands-On GST Course, we will certify you to teach the GST program to your colleagues. Your certification will be valid for 12 months after which you must recertify.
  • Court Defensible: Integration of GST techniques into an agency’s Defensive Tactics program has greatly reduced instances of excessive force allegations against law enforcement organizations. As long as your certification is active, the Gracie Family will testify on your agency’s behalf as subject matter experts if one of your officers is charged for excessive force while using GST techniques.
  • 5-Day Immersion: There is no substitute for hands-on instruction. At the hands-on course you can ask questions and get immediate feedback from the Gracies.
  • Free Online Access: The complete GST online course is included as a free bonus for all GST certified Certified Instructors. Upon successful completion of the hands-on course, we will unlock the GST online course so you can log in at any time to review the techniques.

  • Group Access Opportunity: Now that the complete GST course is online, it gives certified instructors the opportunity to have a much greater impact within their organizations. Once you graduate from the hands-on Instructor Certification Course, and you begin teaching the GST techniques to your colleagues, we can arrange it so that all of your students have online access to the GST online course at a fraction of the regular price. With online access, your students will be able to log on and review the techniques at any time, optimizing their retention of these life-saving skills. If you are interested in learning more about the GST Group Access Opportunity, please contact us directly.

To learn more about the GST Hands-On Course or to view upcoming course dates, click here.

Click to see what other military and law enforcement professionals are saying about GST

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between the 23 GST techniques and 36 Gracie Combatives techniques?
The GST techniques are VERY different from the Gracie Combatives techniques. First and foremost each and every technique has been modified for military and law enforcement applicability. All of the GST techniques have been adapted to address weapon retention and to accommodate the reduced mobility experienced by military and law enforcement professionals when wearing tactical gear. In addition, all the techniques have been customized to end with the bad guy in handcuffs.

2. If I complete the GST course online, will I be certified to teach it to my colleagues?
No. Although you are allowed to practice with your colleagues using the GST online course, before you are officially authorized to teach the GST techniques to any of your colleagues, you must complete the 5-day Hands-On GST Instructor Certification Course.

3. If I currently hold a valid GST Instructor's Certificate, how do I access the online GST Course?
If you have recently completed the GST Hands-On Instructor Certification Course and your certificate is still valid, you are entitled to receive full access to the GST online video course. In order for us to give you this access, please follow these steps: 1) Create a Gracie University profile if you haven't already, 2) Send an email to with the following information: your full name, your department/organization, the location and date of the GST course you participated in, the expiration date on your GST instructor certificate, and a phone number for us to contact you. Once we get this information and verify your status as an actively certified GST instructor, we will unlock the GST course in your online lesson library. Please note that your GST online course access will remain as long as you hold a valid instructor's certificate. If your GST certificate expires and you fail to re-certify, the GST course will be removed from your online lesson library.  

4. Are there any resources available to help me integrate GST at my agency?
Yes, there was a very good article written by a GST certified, Texas police officer who overcame significant resistance to get GST into his department. The article is titled, “9 Strategies on Implementing GST at Your Agency.”

Additional Resources


Gracie Survival Tactics was designed exclusively for
active-duty military and law enforcement professionals. 

To purchase the online GST course, please click on the button below so we can verify your credentials. 

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GST Online Video Course - $395
For multiple or bulk purchases, your organization can qualify for a discounted rate. Please contact us for a bulk discount rate and/or if your organization must make a payment other than by credit card.

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